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FREE Guide to become Strong to the Core - are you in?

Jan 17, 2022

I've worked with so many women from different walks of life that have hugely benefitted from my signature Strong to the Core programme, so I wanted to put together a FREE guide to help as many of you as possible to get started!

This is great for women who:

  • Have desk jobs, or spend hours in the car
  • or Have just had a baby (up to 2-3yr old)
  • or Are perimenopausal (age 40-55) or menopausal
  • or Suffer with back pain
  • or Have pelvic floor symptoms inc prolapse
  • or Find themselves feeling a bit stiff and achy 
  • or Find that their movement is limited   
  • Or Just want to feel more connected or free in their body

You can 5-step download the guide here

But before you go...

Can you move like Elvis? Or MJ?  Well these guys were onto something with their funky dance floor moves, and here's why...

Pelvic mobility!

Your pelvis needs to be able to move freely in order for your core, pelvic floor, back, lower limbs to work nicely.

For 12 months after having my 2nd child, my pelvis Would. Not. Move.

Can you tuck and untuck your pelvis? Imagine you have a tail, and give it a go. Well, I could NOT tuck and untuck freely at all!

That meant my Glutes were not Great either - the biggest pelvic muscles (pelvic floor muscles) - they get involved when our pelvis moooooves. So if your pelvis does not move, just like mine didn't - then you might be feeling some symptoms in your back and pelvic floor.

If you're stuck at your desk for hours, stuck with a baby sleeping on you or carrying one, stuck driving for miles - or stuck in any one position for a long period, your pelvis can really stop moving freely quite quickly. A sticky pelvis is not what you need, trust me ;-)

What about back pain? Pre-kids I had some pretty bad back pain - there was a time when I couldn't tie my shoes laces, or put socks on. I felt pretty old and unfit. I was spending long periods in the car and also working a really stressful job - this wasn't a good combination. My glutes were so inactive, and my pelvis had become pretty stuck, all movement was pretty limited. Movement was the answer!

So go get your pelvic thrusts on, give them hips a wiggle, lunge around your house like a jaguar. Slowly tuck and untuck your pelvis wherever you are right now. Can you try some circles with your pelvis? How does it feel? Stiff or free? Let me know how it goes!

Many women I work with that have symptoms in their core, have limited mobility through their pelvis.

Don't forget to get your FREE Strong to the Core guide NOW by clicking here

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