Do you feel Strong to the Core?

A fitness and self-care programme, empowering you to feel strong from the inside, out. 


100% online and accessible – complete in your own time and place 

Build a routine for your own self care to help you feel positive, and keep you focused on your well being

Stay accountable – an easy to follow weekly plan 

Find strength and balance – and a strong core too!

Better posture, less aches and pains

This is my passion project and I’ve put my heart & soul into making it more than an exercise class, so I’ve added everything that I’ve ever learnt about ‘the core’ into the course content

About Sarah..

I started delivering this course not long after the birth of my 2nd child, at a time when my body didn't quite feel my own.  I was curious about how movement and an holistic approach could help me, and others, feel more balanced, connected and free.  I researched and studied deeply, having worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and started to develop a better understanding of patterns of movement that helped.

Having studied a degree in Sports Therapy, my knowledge revolved around rehab so it felt natural to help more women to feel better in their bodies.

I'd experienced back pain since my early teens, and I was really intrigued at how the mind-body connection often came into play with chronic pain, and this really helped me personally to let go of that 'sufferer' story.

I recently blended my fitness knowledge with a Yoga qualification, having seen how important a slower pace, self-care and a mindful approach is to helpful to women who are juggling so much in life.

I love working with people, energising and connecting, so come connect with me...

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Learn how to connect to your core...

Find inner strength and rid yourself of those niggling symptoms that have been bugging you.

Core strength comes from education, mindful movement & lifestyle adaptations,  If you have symptoms, it doesn't matter how long you've suffered, they can always be improved.

How it works...

This programme is suitable for women of any fitness level, even total beginners.

The pace of the programme is set to help you listen and connect with your body, so even the longer classes are achievable for you.

You can complete everything from the comfort of you home, with just a small space and stretchy band*

How can it help...

This course is suitable for every woman in every phase of life

You want to feel more connected, confident, stronger & more energised

You’ve had a baby and aren’t sure what exercise is safe

You have¬†pelvic floor symptoms** ‚Äď leaking, heaviness, prolapse, pain

You suffer ongoing back aches/pain, neck, or shoulder tension

You think you have DRA (tummy gap) postnatally

You are in Perimenopause and your body feels alien

This perfectly tailored and supportive course will improve your core, overcome pain or dysfunction and bring you balance.

** I recommend anyone suffering pelvic floor symptoms sees a women's health physio alongside the course

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Weekly focus points

You'll get targeted, simple homework to help you progress

New weekly classes

To help your body adapt to the movement and really get results

Additional content

A library of lifestyle & core specific advice, support & workouts

What's included?

  • An easy to follow 6 week plan, with personal planner¬†
  • 6 x 15 minute online classes - fitness focusing on core strength & suppleness¬†
  • A short homework plan each week to practice and help you progress
  • A blend of strength, functional, stretch and relax activity
  • Ongoing postural and breathing correction advice¬†
  • A guided meditation ‚Äst¬†for healing and energy


  • A private community of women working alongside you in the private Facebook group¬†
  • All workout recordings to¬†watch back
  • Bonus material - Pelvic floor, low back pain and Diastasis education handouts and videos
  • Nutritional and lifestyle tips for healing and growth
  • Future course updates and live class¬†back-catalogue included
  • 6 x 70 minute classes for¬†when you have more time to move
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  • Start when you want from the comfort of your home
  • Access from phone, tablet, computer
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Ongoing support
  • Yoga for your Core BONUS module

What you get...

  • A comprehensive 6 week plan¬†
  • Weekly 15 minute class and short video tutorials
  • Weekly plan to put into practice¬†your learning
  • A community of like-minded women to support you in your journey
  • Access to Sarah's expertise throughout your course
  • Exercise that helps your body feel strong and confident
  • The¬†opportunity to overcome symptoms & pain, and to thrive in your body¬†¬†

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