Hello, I'm Sarah.


I'm a women's health & movement coach, I've always loved to move, but I struggled to always fit it around my busy life.  This all changed when I realised I could ditch the structure and expectations I'd held for exercise and just incorporate movement into my life, and do it for the love of it! 

My Story


I love working with women to help restore balance in their life. 

Following the birth of my daughter I started dreaming of creating a business where I could support and empower women in their own well being.

I've always loved being active, I was the sporty kid, I worked in the industry - but sometimes found the struggle of fitting it all in tough, and I could see I wasn't alone! 

Throughout a sleep deprived maternity leave with baby in tow, I started working out with other mums, realising it made us feel happy, more confident - and just more like ourselves again.  I became so aware of how much our bodies had changed during this time.   

Returning to work meant hours behind the wheel, and most days in front of a laptop - and I was driven to create more flexibility and positivity in my life..

I'd suffered with chronic low back pain & chronic illness since I was a teenager, and having two babies (who didn't sleep!) via c-sections, I understand what it takes to overcome the challenges that different life phases bring.  Following some nasty of illness after my 2nd pregnancy, I was determined to start prioritising ME - to improve my health, feel more energised and become stronger; juggling busy life, kids, and business...my journey continues - so I get it, I'm here to help you create a reality! 


I love helping other women find that spark that spurs them on too.


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Blending the science of women's health - with the modern holistic approach to create simplicity...


My vision for Mumology

  • To create amazing programmes for every woman I meet.
  • To help women feel more confident in their bodies .
  • To make movement accessible to women whatever their life involves.
  • To create fun communities with women inspired to live well.
  • To show you how you can prioritise your own self-care.

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