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Noticing the beauty of those tiny self-care moments...

Sep 08, 2023

I wanted to share some self-care musings today that've been on my mind since it's 'back to school' week (that may mean something to you, or it may not), because everyone's talking about it. 

I like 'back to school' week, as I feel like it's a good week for reflection - it's like a little line in the sand that happens every year...

I like things that remind me to reflect and check in with how I'm feeling.

We’re just back from our summer away in France and while it’s been refreshing and amazing, it’s also stressful and tiring as well! We love being outside (almost entirely), away from housework, seeing beautiful places, experiencing new things, and meeting new friends…

but the kids still argue, there’s still dirty clothes and mess, and mealtimes, and late nights to contend with, so it’s not all plain sailing. 

And so the thoughts on holidays and self care came up... 

I think something that often gets overlooked in the grand scheme of self-care are those little moments of joy that sneak into our everyday lives.

Self-care, in my mind anyway, isn't always about the big, extravagant indulgences like spa days or exotic getaways. While those can be amazingly rejuvenating (if anyone's wondering about birthday presents, these would obvs both go down exceptionally well!), it's equally vital to notice and absorb the smaller, simpler pleasures that we find in the day-to-day.

Sharing a good ol’ laugh with a friend, feeling the cosiness of an early night, enjoying your favourite foods, getting a big hug from someone special, or a peaceful moment with a warm drink.

These tiny acts can have such an impact on our overall well-being and happiness.  

The beauty of these moments is that they are so accessible to us.

They're not reserved for special occasions or lavish treats; they're available to us every day, waiting to be seen and felt in our busy lives – sometimes it's easy to miss them.

How good would it feel to say "yes" to these tiny acts of self-care? 

But not just to do them but to notice and truly appreciate them. 

Because that’s when the magic happens - they really add a sprinkle of joy to your life, and guess what? joy manifests even more happiness.

It's like a ripple of positivity coming your way. 

Next time, take a moment to pause and catch yourself in the moment if you can.

Embrace the self-care that’s already woven into the fabric of your life.

The small things are not small at all when it comes to self-care.

They are the building blocks of a happier you.

What are your favourite small pleasures?

Take care (of you!)

Sarah x

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