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8 things you can do today to beat the overwhelm and get back to being your amazing self!

relax Oct 03, 2023

We want it ALL! Even though we’ve been told we can’t have it all, we still want it!

We want aspiring careers, fulfilling relationships, vibrant social lives, picture-perfect homes, wholesome, happy families - all while striving to be the best versions of ourselves. It's a careful balancing act that can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it's also a testament to the incredible strength and determination of women everywhere.

So what do we do when it all feels a bit much?

Try these eight powerful, but simple tips that I use regularly, to bring you back to 'centre'.

  1. Breathe - our most powerful, innate and natural de-stressor - whether it’s a big sigh, a yawn, or that double inhale, our breath is magic. Practice a simple box breath for a minute or two to instantly settle your mind.
  2. Journal - even if you’ve never done it before, you CAN do this - find a notebook, and start small - try not to make it a to do list. Think about what you’re grateful for, what’s going well, what your body feels - you can even use prompts like these
  3. Move - whether it’s a quick dance, walk, or simple sun salutation - a few minutes of movement can really get the energy flowing and it’s a great way to hit reset if your brain’s in a whir!
  4. Brain dump - I love to keep a large notepad handy for this one - write everything that’s on your mind down - family, work, health, whatever’s taking up space in your mind. The physical process of getting it out of your head and onto paper can really release a lot of tension.
  5. Fresh air - never underestimate the power of filling your body with fresh O2. This really impacts our productivity, and you’ll notice if you’re in a space without any, you start to feel more lethargic. Whether you can step outside for a few minutes, open a window, or add a 10 minute daily walk - it really helps!
  6. Bring nature in - have a friend whose home resembles a jungle?  They’re actually on to something! We’ve evolved for millions of years in nature so being surrounded by it has an instant grounding effect - we feel safe, we feel home. House plants, a beautiful stone or shell, or wooden art - nature inside your home settles your whole being.
  7. Awaken your senses - this is a powerful practice to bring yourself into the moment - also known as mindfulness. Focus for a moment on a smell, sight, taste, touch or sound.  Maybe you can find some items in your home to help (i have a sprig of lavender on my desk, and a cold, round stone (and my Neal's Yard shop can help you too!).
  8. Connect with people - you know the happiest people in the world - are the ones that make the effort to connect with people. Whether it’s people you know, friends, community, or strangers on the train, sparking up that conversation can boost your well being (here’s a short podcast listen on what happiness really is)

Let me know which you’re going to practice first!

Did you know I run a Relaxation Masterclass where we practice these and more delicious techniques to bring you the ultimate REST & RESET?  Here's the calendar link

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