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Feeling good with the bump...

Apr 14, 2024

Congratulations on your pregnancy - its a very special time.  But it can also make your body feel a bit funky with all the changes - here's my top tips (and things I wish I'd done more during both of my pregnancies!!).

1) Digestion!  This can be so tricky during pregnancy as your system slows down with the change in hormones and the lack of space for normal digestion.  Anything you can do to keep your digestion moving along at a normal  pace, is worth it.

Use a foot stool when opening your bowels, try some deep breathing - and I LOVE choccy date balls for a bit of help! 

  • Simply blend dates, cacao powder, and cashews (or some soaked flax seeds) and add a touch of honey and sea salt.  Roll into balls (that's the messy bit, I wear disposable gloves) and set in the fridge or freezer - you can keep them for up to  week! 

2) Thread the needle - great for achy backs and gentle movement as bump grows!

  • Stand with your hands on the kitchen counter, step back, and fold forward so that your body makes a square with the floor and counter. 
  • Keeping your hands attached to the counter, you might find a lovely stretch here. 
  • Next, thread one arm underneath the other and reach through, before drawing back and raising that arm up towards the ceiling. 
  • Let your whole body move as you repeat the movement, your eye gaze follows your moving hand. 
  • Repeat 8 times, then switch sides.
  • 3)  Engage your core - a lovely way to connect with the muscles that are supporting your bump!
  • Sit tall with your hands on your lower bump, and take a nice breath in. 
  • As you breathe out, imagine you are blowing out 100 candles on a cake. 
  • Keep going until you reach the end of your out breath, you may feel your bump starts to draw in, as though you're giving baby a hug! 
  • You can practice this breath 8 times. 
  • If you're feeling good, you can also add this breath to a kitchen counter press up (breathe out as you push away from counter).

4) Rocking for birth prep!  Especially great for 36 weeks onwards.

  • Get into position on your hands and knees. 
  • Allow your knees to sit wider than your feet. 
  • Check that you feel comfortable here. 
  • You can rock your bottom back towards your feet and then return and rock over your hands. 
  • Continue in a gently rocking motion for 20-30 seconds, or while it feels good. 
  • You can also rest on elbows for this one.
  • 5)  Release your pelvic floor!  Grab pillows and cushions!

This is super important as your pelvic floor muscles will relax during labour.

  • Lie on your back, with a few pillows under your upper body/head to raise you up so that your comfy (and your head is higher than your heart).  You could also do this seated, leaning back against the sofa. 
  • Bend your knees, and with your feet together, allow your knees to gently drop out to the sides, like a butterfly. 
  • Now here's the important bit - get cushions or pillows and place them under your thighs and knees, so that your legs feel fully supported! 
  • Relax here with some gentle, but longer breaths for 1-2 minutes.
  • I hope you enjoy these tips, and I'm wishing you all the very best in your pregnancy and beyond.

If you'd like more support, I offer 121 sessions to help you feel strong and well in your pregnancy - contact me to have a chat.  The Strong to the Core programme is also brilliant for pre and post natal exercise.   

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