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Postnatal wellbeing - how do I engage my CORE?

Nov 28, 2022
This can feel like a bit of a challenge after your tummy has been stretched for 9 months, and the good news is, your core is probably working better than you think if you're able to stand, hold a baby, get out of bed and generally go about life.
But maybe you have a few symptoms - back pain, pelvic floor symptoms like leaking or discomfort, or your tummy maybe doesn't feel like it did before.
This is all really common, and it's a good idea even without symptoms to do a bit of practice on this to make your core super strong and functional.
🌟Practice on your hands and knees with a nice straight back.
🌟Take a breath in and let tummy relax down.
🌟Next, start to breathe out as though you're gently blowing out candles on the ground - at the same time gently pushing your hands into the ground.
🌟Without sucking your tummy up, you might notice your abdomen gently drawing away from the ground.
🌟 Continue with this for 1-2 minutes.
🌟 Even if you don't feel your abdomen move, keep practicing
🌟Ideally your lower tummy lifts before your upper tummy (think above/below belly button) - but this often takes practice and some extra stretching/releasing of your oblique muscles.
⭐Make sure you relax your tummy and don't walk around sucking your tummy in - as this won't allow your core to work and do its job.
⭐Guess what, this isn't just for postnatal tummies - it's great for anyone's core.
More on this In Strong to the Core - my holistic online movement course.
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