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My Favourite Home Exercise Hacks that improve my life!

Jan 07, 2022

We've been back at the beach this week for BeachClub (women only fitness, Southbourne Beach) - so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite hacks from BeachClub that are really easy to do at home.

One of my biggest tips for those who want to move more, or strengthen a certain area, but aren't sure where to start is to be prepared for some exercise snacking! 

Incidental exercise, or exercise snacking is the type of movement you do in very short spells - a few minutes even, and it can be totally unplanned, it slots into your day, and can become part of your routine, or maybe just ad-hoc. 

You find yourself waiting in the kitchen for something, or you need to get out of your office chair for a few minutes. 

I do this ALL THE TIME. 

Since having children, it's probably become my main form of exercise (asides from my work obvs).

But if you don't do the same job as me, you might be thinking, well what should I do?

The good news, is there isn't really any BAD movement, as long as it's pain-free - you can do anything and your body will thank you

Here's a few simple yet effective snacks to get you started...

  • Balance - stand on one leg whilst brushing your teeth (balance is super important for your brain, core and joints)
  • Kitchen counter press ups - inhale down, exhale up (amazing for upper body strength, core strength)
  • Get warm - do 5-6 laps of the stairs (great for heart health, and a mood boost)
  • Stretch - open your arms out to the sides, turn your thumbs up and back, take a big breath in and out (helps you breathe better, good for posture and core!)

Give some of them a go, and let me know how it went!

Happy Friday lovelies...


P.S - if you're local to Southbourne, why not join us at BeachClub for some fun and super inclusive women's fitness (everyone welcome, no matter your level)

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