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10 of the best WAYS to move your body - when your well being feels like it's bottom of the pile!

Nov 05, 2021

Last time, I took a deep dive into 10 alternative reasons to move your body - asides from the usual...

So here's my top 10 WAYS to move your body (and make it work around busy life, low energy and low motivation...the times when your own well being feels like it's bottom of the pile!)

Let's get started...

1 Start really, way smaller than that. Literally you just need 2-5 minutes to start - this is super effective when starting something new like exercise - because it's so easy to fit it in, that you really can do it every day - and before you know it, you have become the person that exercises regularly - you start to own that identity.

2 Get up and Dance - take a moment to put on your favourite upbeat music and dance to the whole song! Heart rate up and feel good chemicals released!

3 Stair Climbers - for a quick and accessible movement break during a busy day -  take a couple of minutes to run up and down the stairs 5, 6, 7'll be surprised at how hard this can be and how good it makes you feel when you;re finished!

4 Aerial yoga/hula hooping/skipping = OK this might sound a bit out there, but these, and other, amazing sports have really taken off recently, meaning there are classes and online tutorials that you can get involved with if you fancy something a bit different

5 Buddy up - more fun, more accountability, more human, in person, 121 or a group!

6 Fidget more - you might have heard of NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) - it's the energy your body uses to complete all of the hundreds of actions and micro-actions throughout the day - this is great for metabolism, digestion, and your soft tissues!

7 Hill walk - if you really want to run, but your body has other ideas, I highly recommend hills (even if it means going up and down the same hill if you're a bit limited) - this is so good for cardio fitness - and pelvic floor function!

8 Walking lunch break (walking meetings/standing phone calls) - if you're stuck to your desk for hours, finding small opportunities to be on your feet can really help your back, pelvic floor and metabolism! 

9 Find a tribe - there are loads of ways to find a community of like-minded people who will make your experience so much better - both online and in person!

10 5 minute morning buzz - this is by far the best time to commit to exercise for busy people - get up, get it done, feel great for the rest of the day.  As the day goes on, you'll find more excuses not to!

And just one more...

11 MAKE IT FUN - yes this should be #1 - because it's going to feel a whole lot easier, if you choose something you enjoy.  But my big point is here is that being a grown up can feel pretty serious, hard, even boring...kind of like we've forgotten how to 'play'. 

So bring back games, sport, child's play - anything you find 'fun' (my idea and yours might differ ;-) ) and see how your mindset changes from 'I should' to 'I want to'....

Which is your fave?

Sarah xx

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