All the tools you need to get started on your journey to Pelvic Floor freedom!

Is there really a way to reduce pelvic floor symptoms? 

Whether you are suffering with leaking, pain, prolapse, back pain...

Whether you've always suffered with these symptoms, or they started when you had a baby, or hit your mid 40s-50s...

Now is the time to take charge and learn what's going on in your body.

What you'll get 

A better understanding of your pelvic floor health

Knowledge of what your symptoms mean

Learn if you've been doing them right (Kegels - most don't!)

Learn what to do when 'squeezing' hasn't worked

Learn how to let go (this is so important!)

A how to video for your pelvic floor moves that'll make a difference

Learn the Lifestyle cycle that unlocks the freedom 

This mini course includes a 50 minute Masterclass video, plus: 

Instructional videos and information and advice

including special BONUS - 'Know your floor' module

Your Pelvic Floor Masterclass is available today for just £37

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