"BuggyFit - it's not just a walk in the park"

The perfect way to improve your physical and mental health after having a baby

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Coming to Bournemouth, from the original and largest buggy workout network in the UK...


Build strength with little one in tow

 Get outside in nature

Take part in safe, effective postnatal workouts

Speak to a specialist advanced postnatal instructor

Meet other mums and make friends

Be the positive role model your little one needs

Get core and pelvic floor support

Boost mental health (supportive of PND and PNA)

Better posture, less aches and pains

I loved dong this when mine were in buggies, and I'm so excited that I get to support you through your journey now!

About Sarah..

I started Mumology Movement not long after the birth of my 2nd child, at a time when my body didn't quite feel my own.  I was curious about how movement and an holistic approach could help me, and others, feel more balanced, connected and free.  I researched and studied deeply, having worked in the fitness industry for 20 years and started to develop a better understanding of patterns of movement that helped.

Having studied a degree in Sports Therapy, my knowledge revolved around rehab so it felt natural to help more women to feel better in their bodies.

I'd experienced back pain since my early teens, and I was really intrigued at how the mind-body connection often came into play with chronic pain, and this really helped me personally to let go of that 'sufferer' story.

I recently blended my fitness knowledge with a Yoga qualification, having seen how important a slower pace, self-care and a mindful approach is to helpful to women who are juggling so much in life.

I love working with people, energising and connecting, so come connect with me...

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Mums supporting mums...

Combining strength, cardio, core and mobility - this is so much more than a walk in the park...

The very ethos of BuggyFit is that of women who have been there, supporting new mums to build strength, find their community and do so in the great outdoors, with baby in tow...

No need for childcare - you'll get the perfect workout, with your little one happily in tow.

Postnatal specialist classes to suit whatever stage you're at, from pregnancy, early postnatal and all the way through to future pregnancies - these workouts will help you find mental and physical strength.

Time to stop, feed and settle little one as you need to.

Progression and alternatives given to suit your body and stage


“The ultimate fitness class for mums and babies” as voted for by The Times.

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