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Do you want to start putting your health first? 

You want to feel fitter, feel healthier and maybe just feel like 'you' again too?

Let me help you feel more energised, healthier and more confident in what your body can do.

I've got you covered 360 degrees on exercise, lifestyle, self care and nutrition.

Feel Good Movement

Moving your body should leave you feeling great - that's our aim and I'm here to help you find it.

Inspired Nourishment

Adding extra foods that really nourish your body - brain, heart, bones, hormones and gut health.

Finding Calm Space

Life can be busy, I'm here to help you find the stillness amongst the crazy - because we can't get healthy without it.


I want you to feel in control and confident with the actions and decisions you make that lead to better health.

Live workouts PLUS a library full of classes

Our bodies are made to move - and we have a class for everyone.  From strength training, to HIIT, to Yoga and core, mobility and breathwork, you'll find a class that suits your mood, your body and your goal.  The exercise classes are especially created with women's health benefit in mind - heart, brain, bones, hormones and joy. 

Working around family life to put your health first

You know you can't pour from an empty cup; join now and learn how to look after your well being whilst juggling the hectic-ness of motherhood so that everyone gets the best of you.

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Nutritious recipes plus focussed action

You'll find nutritious and delicious recipes to give you inspiration and increase your plant intake.  You'll also get support on planning your food intake and each month we have one focus point to work on together.

Hannah A

"Sarah is fabulous. She is extremely knowledgeable and clearly really enjoys her job and helping women get the best out of their daily lives. I joined the Members Club a few months ago and I love it. Sarah’s ability to help bring exercise and a healthy way of living back into my life in 2020 has been wonderful"

Becky E

"The Members Club is brilliant. I love the challenges Sarah sets us in a friendly, fun way. It gets me exercising without worrying about it being formal. All live workouts are recorded so if you can't make them they are available to replay. The bank of exercises include something for everyone, and, even better, they are bite sized to fit in with a busy day.
Sarah has been able to support my return to running after having my second baby and make sure I am strong enough to cope"

Helen C

"I am loving the Mumology Movement and can thoroughly recommend it. There is something for everyone. Sarah takes a holistic view supporting our wellbeing as much as our exercise levels. The lives are varied both in times and content. There is a growing library so loads to choose from. It has really encouraged me to try bite size videos of bits I am not so good at. Sarah has a true enthusiasm and passion which is catching and caring"

Supportive Community

Research shows joining a like-minded group will bring you more success, so don't do it alone.  You may be in your living room, but you won't feel alone. 

Ditch the diet

Learn what nourishes your body without missing the stuff you love.  You don't need another diet, find a sustainable way to enjoy food & feel amazing.

'Can Do' Mindset

Learn how to set yourself up for success with positive behaviour change.  Let go of feeling you 'should' be doing it and trust your inner wisdom.  

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Yes please, sign me up!

Feel empowered to take control

Everything you need to get healthy, at your fingertips!

  • Live weekly workouts
  • Exercise class library PLUS audio downloads
  • Nutritious recipes to nourish you
  • Monthly focus points to keep it simple
  • Self care objectives to soothe your soul
  • Fun fitness challenges to keep you motivated
  • Supportive community to help you thrive
  • Coaching calls to dig a little deeper - working on mindset


Helping you to get it right and feel amazing

Download Audio Workouts

Like having a coach in your pocket to workout wherever you go

Guest Experts

Bringing women's health and well being experts directly to you

Why Mumology Movement?

This is more than just a fitness membership – it's a place where you learn, grow and become the master of your own well-being.

I’m here to help you learn your WHY, and dig deeper with your GOALS, and to focus on you as a whole person.

My passion is in helping you feel good, and live healthy – and bring back the joy of movement.  It's so important that we can sustain a healthy lifestyle rather than buy quick fix.  I want you to feel more connected with the actions you can take to support your own health.  This helps you set boundaries that you want to live by – finding the parts you'll stick by.


I feel so much stronger...It’s great for getting energy back after having a baby and Sarah tailors exercises well to each person...I’d highly recommend to any woman at whatever stage they are in their life.


Sarah is so knowledgeable on how to tailor an individual programme for my needs, is very patient and has given me useful nutritional advice & is fantastic at motivating me towards my goal.


The classes are so relaxed, all exercises are safe postpartum, with focus on posture, core muscles including pelvic floor.  I come away feeling like 'me' again!

I know you don’t need just another exercise video to add to your to do list...  

You want to feel empowered and motivated with each step you take, and feel that you matter!

As you reach different phases of your life, your needs change too.  I’ll help you in manage stress, find lifestyle habits that help you and show you food ideas that boost your health. I’ll BE THERE for you every step of the way.

Striving for perfection is HARD – but we don’t NEED to!  We can take small steps, hit hurdles and overcome, find more joy in our life, not cut out the tings we love – we can have all of this and STILL be moving towards our wellness vision.

My vision is to have an amazing community of real women just like YOU sharing a common goal to live full of ZEST!

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You'll get instant access to:

  • 7-day boost plan to help you get started and try out some of what we’ve got!
  • A library of short & sweet workouts and delish recipes to try!
  • The Mumology Guide to Well-being and Guide to Nourishment EBooks
  • SPECIAL **BONUS** A recorded 121 coaching call with me – to help me get to know you, you’ll walk away with 3 personal actions to get you started
  • Discounts on 121 training and Strong to the Core course

Each week you'll get:

  • A weekly live session that’s easy to fit in**
  • library of HIIT, strength, core, yoga and core video workouts. There’s something for every experience, mood and energy level
  • All workouts are made to fit around busy lives – between 10-40 minutes, so you can easily fit them in
  • NEW FEATURE Friday Chill – a scrumptious body & mind RELAXATION session
  • NEW FEATURE Monday Mindset – a little nugget to set you up for the week
  • An amazing tribe of women to share your journey, successes, struggles and excitement with.  

Each month you'll get: 

  • A special Guest Expert or Masterclass with BIG gems to give you the boost you need
  • Self-care themes to help you get real about your well being
  • Food focus to help nourish your body, simply
  • lifestyle challenge to stretch you out of your comfort zone, just enough, to keep you moving forwards
  • SPECIAL **BONUS** LIVE group coaching call with me, Sarah, Mumology Movement Founder – to help you dig deep into your own WELLNESS VISION and stay ACCOUNTABLE & MOTIVATED
  • Accountability check-ins

About me

I’m a mum of two little ones, juggling motherhood, a business and my own well-being.  Just like you, I’m figuring it out as I go along - and I want to enjoy the journey!

I've spent almost 20 years in the fitness industry.  I’ve got a degree that gave me extra special knowledge of injuries and corrective exercise.  I’ve done a ton of specialist training in women’s health, pelvic health and advanced postnatal wellness.

I’ve worked with countless women in my local area and internationally, to help them feel more confident in their bodies and lives.  My passion is helping mums to feel strong and more confident, no matter what they’re juggling.

I love the job I do, and I've been told that it shows!

I want in!!